Attack on the batteries at Bull Run by three companies of the First Massachusetts Regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel Welles, commanding.


Aug 14, 2015

September Massachusetts Sesquicentennial Commission of the Civil War meeting has been cancelled along with meeting in November. However, the October and December meetings will still take place.

This Week in the Civil War

Aug 27, 1862
In July of 1862, after heavy Union losses, President Lincoln called for 300,000 men to volunteer for three years, and then requested another 300,000 to serve for nine months. In the first days of the Civil War, many men had enlisted, assuming the war would be short and exciting. When it became clear that the war would be a long and bloody fight, it became harder and harder to recruit new soldiers.


12/31/2015 (All day)
Due to the FY 15 state budget deficit of approximately $329M, the FY15 Grant Cycle for Civil War Memorials is suspended indefinitely.